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The Environmental Review Appeals Commission (ERAC) hears and resolves appeals resulting from various final actions of Ohio EPA, the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the State Fire Marshal, the State Emergency Response Commission, and county and local boards of health.

ERAC has statewide jurisdiction and is the highest level of administrative appeal for final actions of the agencies listed above. Decisions of the Commission may be appealed to the Franklin County Court of Appeals or if the appeal arises from an alleged violation of a law or regulation, to the court of appeals for the district in which the violation is alleged to have occurred.

The Commission consists of three members appointed by the Governor for staggered six-year terms. Each member must have extensive experience in the fields of pollution control and abatement technology, ecology, public health, environmental law, and economics of natural resource development.

The Commission operates under the authority of R.C. 3745.02-3745.06. The Commission’s rules are contained in Ohio Adm.Code Chapter 3746.

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